Are you a Certified ESL Teacher?

What does being a certified ESL teacher really mean? It’s become a blanket phrase that just about any teacher can claim – or can they? Recently, I was approached by a friend who asked if I would help her cousin secure an ESL teaching position. She had been teaching overseas for several years and uponRead More

Timing is Everything: The Tempo of ESL Lessons

Timing is Everything: The Tempo of ESL Lessons

From an upbeat warm-up to a next-lesson review, the tempo of how ESL lessons are planned and taught can make or break the class. Too long on a dull exercise? Too short on a complex one? Giving students enough time to absorb and enjoy an exercise or activity can be a guessing game. Keep aRead More

Experiences with Substitute Teaching

Right now I’m a floater….in teacher limbo as it were. After Christmas my school didn’t have an exam class for me ( TOEFL, FCE etc ) and since teachers with more seniority than me were taking time off they needed someone who was flexible and capable of teaching essentially anything. So I became a superRead More

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